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NBCU-Comcast - TV Everywhere


Role: Managing Director of Innovation Strategy

Year: 2014

My team worked with NBCU to create a single platform to support 14 brands across 7 different media players.


In 2014, NBCU identified it had fallen behind other major network conglomerates in streaming offerings.

The Challenge

The challenge from NBCU was creating a multi-brand framework that balanced network branding with established streaming patterns for content discovery. The framework also had to work with local cable providers authentication to ensure that users were also subscribers

For discovery, the team conducted extensive research to determine the features for the first release of the platform.

features matrix

By documenting extensive governane the TVE platform allowed brands to be unique while the infrastructure and publishing remained combined.

goverance slides

The Results

TVEverywhere was a success. It allows Comcast to manage a single technical platform for all of its brand's streaming content.

nbc home screen