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Google ARA

Google ARA

Role: Managing Director of Innovation Strategy

Year: 2016

My team worked with Google to help define the post-sale customer experience for a new line of phones. We influenced the way they work every day to create new hardware products.


In 2016, Google needed to reimagine the relationship between customers and product services, with the goal of surpassing their competition in a uniquely “Google” way.

The Challenge

We used extensive, qualitative and competitive research to craft experiences to delight customers at every stage.

8 customer experiences

This resulted in 12 “big bets” that would set Google apart in customer service.

big bets to focus on

Those 'bets' were turned into illustrated customer experience journeys. (over 400 slides in total)

ara storyboards

We ultimately created a customer service playbook that served to align strategy of cross-functional teams.

journey map

The Results

This resulted in the phone’s UX showing real-life scenarios for the organization to experience first-hand. The methods and deliverables became standard practice allowing for easier collaboration across teams.

google ara phone screens