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AT&T Digital Live


Role: Interaction Design Director

Year: 2013 - 2014

AT&T tapped Rosetta and my UX team to design the 'Living in Place' product for their Digital Life automation and security platform


AT&T already had home security and automation products available in their Digital Life platform. They had realized that with some software and installation modifications the platform could enable elderly or disabled users to stay in their homes independently and maintain their routines without worrying loved ones.

The Challenge

The client came to us with requirements for the first release of the product. This helped to speed up discovery and estimating the level of effort greatly. They was also very open to suggestions and changes. Since the product would need to support Android, iOS, and web interfaces we first focused on researching and creating personas for care givers, and recievers.

With the personas we were designing for and the detailed requirements we started wireframeing and prototyping.


Working with AT&T preffered research vendor in Atlanta, we tested prototypes along the way. We gathered valuable feedback about routines and how users might expect the product to respond. We also were pleased to learn that seeing the application built the trust needed to be comfortable with the data collection needed.

research findings

With the confidence that the product would meet users needs and delight them along the way we worked through all of the visual layouts and annotations developers would need to bring it to life. To help make sure that everything was clearly communicated we created a process to combine the requirements, annotated wires, and visual designs into a single document.


Once the designs were handed off to AT&T's development partners we successfully pitched to design the website that would support the marketing and subscription of the product. With intimate knowledge we were able to quickly turn around a modern SaaS experience.

living in place home screen

The Results

Unfortunately the Care product was not officially released. Over then next few years AT&T sunsetted their security and automation business, but the learnings from this project were valuable to both the client and my team.